Day Eight: Thorpe Park!

For my third day away from the park we decided to go hunting for thrills and excitement. We happened to find those thrills at Thorpe Park.

We arrived at the park just after 09:00 and after the usual ticket issues we entered the park itself at around 09:40 and headed straight to The Swarm, the newest coaster on the park.

The Swarm is Europe‚Äôs first winged coaster, basically that means that the carriages are mounted to the side of each train. Quite an awesome ride although it’s a little short in duration.

We tried to get through as many rides as possible between the rain, the best ride of the day has to be Saw: The Ride.

We had a fun day all in all, although due to the rain we had to leave at 14:30, damn you British weather!

Step count for the day: 7,468