Day Four: Typical London Tourist

Agitos on London Bridge

Today was one of my days off from the Paralympics. Just like any typical day in the Nations Capital, the day started bright and sunny. As usual this was not to last.

After an hours bus ride into the Capital we alighted just before one of the most famous landmarks, Big Ben. From there we walked past The London Eye through all the street performers including a London Phone Box and two seemingly floating Genies.

From there we ventured onto the other side of the Thames. Where we found a little restaurant called ’Herman ze German’ on Villiers Street who serve all sorts of German sausages. I’d recommend the Curry Wurst with Fries. We then carried on into Covent Garden, where we looked at all the stalls and made the compulsory visit to the Apple Store. After having a bite to eat and seeing Big Ben (which looked much smaller than I remembered) we headed off back to the hotel to get some rest.

Step count for the day: 12,150