Day Fourteen: ERMAHGERD!

During my lunch today this happened to me and I’d just like to share it with you:

After receiving my what can only be called ’slop’ I moved on to collect my granola bar and apple, as I was picking up my chosen apple an Anonymous Catering Team Member happened to notice my accreditation and see the role I fulfil. Lets just hope she doesn’t do this to everyone…

Anonymous Catering Team Member: “Oh my God, you’re actually a lifeguard!?!” My reply: “Erm yes.” Anonymous Catering Team Member: “That’s amazing. What do they need you for? Have you had to save anyone yet?” Me: “Well there was this one guy who nearly fainted as he was getting out of the pool.” Anonymous Catering Team Member: “Oh my God, wow.”

Step count for the day: 7,849