Day Sixteen: Tennis + Orbit + Stadium = Good Times

As we arrived at the Eton Manor Aquatics Training Facility we were greeted by the option of going to watch the wheelchair tennis in the nearby stadium. We were hardly going to turn that opportunity down… We managed to see the last few sets of a Israel vs Israel match which was completely dominated by one player who who every single game.

Our view of the Wheelchair Tennis match

Once we headed back to the pool where we had only nine swimmers over five hours which was to say the least uneventful, we left and thought that we might stand a chance of getting up The Orbit (a huge viewing platform and structure in The Park)

View of the Orbit from below

Once we had made our way over to The Orbit the queue luckily for us was dead which allowed us to walk straight in. The Orbit offers a fantastic view of the London skyline and amazing view into the Olympic Stadium.

Our view of The Olympic Stadium

We managed to watch David Weir win gold in his 200 meter race and also Jonnie Peacock who took gold in his 100 meter sprint. Also at the top of The Orbit are two 1 million pound each mirrors which are curved in each corner and along the length, which produce some crazy effects.

After taking the 431 steps to the bottom of The Orbit we tried our chances of getting into The Olympic Stadium itself which remarkably worked. We walked around the outside of The Stadium for a little while and went up into the seating area where we were told we could fill some of the empty seats. We ended up sitting no more than 40 meters away from the Paralympic Cauldron itself, we could see the heat coming off it and could almost feel the heat.

Our view of The Paralympic Cauldron

We managed to see the discus final and several of the completely bind 400 meter heats, which are incredible as another runner who can see runs along side of them and holds their hand to make sure that they don’t stray to far out of their lane. In the discus even they use little remote controlled (RC) mini’s to bring the discuses back to the sidelines.

RC Cars used to retrive discus

After all the events had finished came the Victory Ceremonies for both David Weir and Jonnie Peacock. The crowd erupted when they received their gold medals, it was absolutely moving to hear nearly 80,000 people signing the National Anthem in harmony, after which they started chanting “Peacock, Peacock, Peacock”

A totally awesome day that could not be missed.

Step count for the day: 8,337