Day Thirteen: Emotions

After seeing Ellie Simmonds break her own World Record and dominate the field during her heat of the 200 meters individual medley (IM) this morning, the chances were looking good for her in the final later in the evening.

Luckily enough I happened to be on poolside during that very final. The amazing roar that bellowed from the stands as she walked onto poolside was absolutely overwhelming, the crowd really gave her a good welcoming. It was amazing being sat on poolside and hearing all that noise directed towards you, I can only imagine what it must have been like to have it all directed to you. I thought that the noise level had reached its limit but once the race got underway it cranked up a level. On the last leg (Freestyle) she took the lead and guaranteed her victory. Ellie Simmonds #stagetaken

David Cameron had watched the race from the stands and after the race I heard over the radio ‘I’ve got David Cameron here and he’s insisting that he presents Ellie’s medal’ I was completely shocked by what I heard and sure enough he came down and presented her medal.

After managing to make my way up to the spectator area, my all time favourite Mayor walked past me, I wanted to tell him he was awesome but I thought I might get told off if I did, it was of course Boris Johnson!

I had an awesome day after everything that had happened. Bring on the next.

Step count for the day: 11,869